About Us

Madelinetosh began in 2006 with an idea of creating an artist’s palette of hand knitting yarns, fulfilling a desire for the perfect hue. Enthused with a love of painting and influenced by the rich history of art in textiles, Madelinetosh sought to create a color palette guided by the subtle nuances and layered depth of colors found in the natural world.

Selecting natural fibers that were soft and supple to the touch and enjoyable to handle, we began our dye process by applying multiple colors to the fiber in thin glazes, adding true depth and dimension.

Today, we offer hundreds of colorway selections in a veritable spectrum of different shades and hues, a worthy palette for all to enjoy.

Happy making!

Who was Madelinetosh?

Madaleine Tosh

Lillian Madeline Atkins was born to a hopeful tenant farmer and a fair-skinned aesthete at a cross-roads town in Virginia named Moonlight in 1900.

At the age of twelve, Lillian walked to the county seat, filled out a small form, and forever changed her name to Madeline Tosh. When asked why, she offered that her school teacher’s surname was better suited for her than simple Atkins.

At nineteen, Madeline Tosh met a tugboat captain working on the Pagan River. Four months later, she married him to spite her father for an undelivered gift. Madeline bore nine children, six of whom she raised to adulthood.

Madeline left her husband after the children were grown and moved to a brownstone in Washington D.C. off of 14th Street. There, she worked for the Woodward and Lothrop department store, packing and unpacking crystal lamps and shades. Madeline later moved to a prefabricated Quonset hut in Claremont and purchased an oak loom with which she wove linen and handspun cotton fabrics for pocket money.

Madeline was my great-grandmother. Madeline never traveled outside of the Virginia, D.C. area. She died in 1984.

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