1. Why does Madelinetosh not have dye lots?

All of our yarns are hand-dyed here in Texas in small batches.

To create the layered colors and depth you find in each skein they must be dyed in small batches. Large, volume based commerical hand-dyers use large vat dye machines which are able to submerge anywhere from 20 to 50 skeins in one vat at a time. These vats are then pressurized to force the dye into the very center of the bundled skeins to distribute the dye evenly. This commercial technique of dying is great when creating a solid colored skein but useless when creating a skein that has multiple layers of color.

2. What is your online shop return policy?

See here.

3. How quickly will my online shop order ship?

All orders ship in approximately 3-5 business days. On sale days, orders may take 7 – 9 business days due to the large volume of orders. If you place an order on Friday please note we are closed on the weekends but will happily start to process your order as soon as we return on Monday. All orders are dyed to order. For more on our shipping policy click here.

4. Do I have to pay sales tax on online shop purchases?

Only Texas residents must pay an 8.25% sales tax rate.

5. Can I pick up my online shop order at the Fort Worth store?

No, the madelinetosh.com website and the Madtosh retail store in Fort Worth, TX are two separate entities and do not hold the same inventory.

6. Will you refund my shipping costs on a returned item from the online store?

No, we will not refund your shipping costs unless the item received was damaged or your order or improperly shipped thus prompting the return.

7. How can I buy the other yarn bases I see listed under the yarns section on your website?

These yarns are exclusively available via our international selection of wonderful retailers. To find a store that carries these Madelinetosh yarns near you click here!

8. How do I sign up for the Madelinetosh Yarn Clubs?

We offer a limited number of memberships in two different yarn clubs (yarn club and sweater club). To find out more about these clubs click here.

9. My local yarn store does not carry the particular colorway I am looking for. What do I do now?

It is almost impossible for your local yarn store to carry every colorway we make in every base. This would be equivalent to about 2,400 different selections!!

That said, if there is a color you are dying to find, feel free to phone us here at the office (817-249-3066). We can sometimes track down a store that has received a shipment of that colorway.

10. I purchased a pattern in the online shop but have not received the download link, what happened?

After purchasing patterns online you should receive a link to download the pattern in your email inbox. Sometimes this link can end up in your spam folder. If you have checked you spam folder and still not received the link, please email us at info@madelinetosh.com and we will happily email you the pattern pdf directly.

11. Do I need to alternate skeins?

Yes, we recommend that you always alternate skeins, since our dye process only allows for two skeins to be dyed at a time. To alternate follow these simple instructions:

Work two rows from one skein and then switch to an alternate skein to work two more rows. Keep alternating between both skeins every two rows. This will blend the subtle differences in two dye lots with ease. Carry your strands up the side of your work as you go, no need to cut and weave in extra ends on your project.

If working in the round drop your strand and pick up a strand from an alternate skein changing skeins every 2 to 4 rounds and carrying the strands up inside the fabric.

12. What does “dyed to order” mean?

Dyed to order means there is not a backstock  or pre-dyed stock available when you place your order. Each order is individually dyed in full once sent to production.

13. What does “EXTRAS” mean?

“EXTRAS” on our yarns means that we have a pre-dyed overstock available. The quality is the same as our yarns that we dye to order.

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