2,000 colors. Locked-away in our vault. Why wouldn’t we open the Madalogue?  So we did. And we plan to continue. Every other month or so plundering this vast treasure trove of recipes to present fresh colors for your making pleasure. Each capsule available for a limited time only. CAPSULE UPDATE // You asked, we delivered. We’ve added 2 much-requested, former MAD May colors to the Color Capsule, Cotton Candy Daydreams & This Is Just To Say.

Available in our most popular bases:
Tosh Merino Light, Twist Light, Tosh DK, Wool + Cotton and Tosh Vintage

Cotton Candy Daydreams

Mad May 2020 // Less psychedelic than the name might imply, this variegated color looks like how cotton candy should taste. But that’s the way with fantasies. Often so much better than reality. Pairs well with Fatal Attraction & Arctic.

This Is Just To Say

Mad May 2021 // Who hasn’t drooled over the plums from William Carlos William’s poem, This Is Just To Say? This color inspired similar salivating, especially on yarn. We love this hue with Phantasm.

Asking For a Friend

Are you going to eat all your lavender macarons? How about the lemon? And the caramel? I’m not asking for myself... We love this color with R:E:D and Antler.


Turn to this hand-dyed yarn, this kinetic speckle splashed with magenta, blue, green, and black when your sheep-colored sweaters stored with lavender sachets leave you cold. Getting warm yet? Pairs well with Dubrovnik & Edison Bulb.

Cosmic Wonder Dust

Isn’t this the hand-dyed yarn we’d create if we could throw dusty bits of our favorite crayons on skeins of white? Holding back just a little so night and day shine through. We love Cosmic Wonder Dust with Neon Peach and Button Jar Blue.

Porches Be Like

Sip on this shamrock shake of a hand-dyed yarn as you watch the world go by.
If you wave at the neighbors, we bet they’ll wave back. Try this hue with Snake or Video Baby.


Oh, Mercury, there you are so close to the sun, resplendent in purple and ochre and winks of gold. How beautiful you are through filters, now rendered variegated in a hand-dyed yarn, for artists to stitch retrograde and direct and back again. Tosh Tip: Mercury looks amazing with Iris and Dirty Panther.


Nature gets all the colors right, doesn’t she? Shy yellows and pinks and green, the sun on your face, a nearby bee plundering a bloom, the Earth holding all. Pairs well with Leopard and Thyme.


You do something to me, something that simply mystifies me. With apologies to both you and Cole Porter, we think that something’s the pink and the speckles of this hand-dyed yarn. Try Voodoo with Kauai or Midnight Pass.


Those expensive lettuce towers? Even under grow lights you’ve never seen a salad or a hand-dyed yarn in this shade of aqua. And, what are those pink speckles doing in my greens? Pairs well with Fluoro Rose and Umbrella Sky.