Madelinetosh + Shibui Knits

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Join us for a collaboration unlike any other: Madelinetosh + Shibui Knits.

Together, for the year of 2021, we bring you six rich brand-new colors, inspired by the shades of the desert, and available exclusively in Silk Cloud and Tosh Merino Light. MT + SK project bags. This collaboration features three brand-new designs from independent designers, Paula Leme, Elizabeth Elliott and Toni Lipsey.

Meet The Designers

Afifa Sayeed is a California based designer, born in the Indian sub-continent and educated in Asia, Europe and the United States. Her work is informed by all these cultures. Afifa is passionate about bringing together elements of classic design from a variety of sources to create something new and original. 

Seth Richardson is a Portland based designer inspired by classic menswear. His Cedar Hill Cowl is inspired by the sophisticated style of New York City, a place Seth called home for 20 years.

Toni Lipsey is the heart and hands behind TL Yarn Crafts. She spends most of her days creating new crochet designs. Along with teaching the craft and connecting with makers. TL Yarn Crafts was born in 2013 out of a desire to build community around the craft.

Wildbird Shawl

Paula Leme is the creative mastermind behind Jojo Tricot. She designs knitting patterns for everyone and loves to particularly design things for little ones.

Elizabeth Elliott is a Toronto native living on Canada's west coast. She comes from a long line of fibre-obsessed women and has been writing knitting patterns for several years.


Are you knitting with Madelinetosh x Shibui Knits? We love to see what you’re working on.

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