Past Newsletters

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R:E:D: Is In The Building

Our custom colorway “R:E:D:” was inspired by the green sea turtles seen in the book Rescue Endangered by Design. Tosh Collection No. 1 debuted and we shared our collaboration with Melanie Berg.

In Honor of Earth Day

Cotton Candy Daydreams, our Mad May Light, colorway dropped. We spotlighted one of our favorites Tosh Merino Light.

Tosh Loves...LYS...2020

Our spring-inspired colorways “Tosh Loves” “LYS” “2020” were an ode to the backbone of our community. We urged makers who are pursuing post-secondary education to apply to Beans for Brains scholarship. We also shared our Home Collection with Toni Lipsey.

Brooklyn Boy Knits KAL

We teamed up with Louis Boria aka Brooklyn Boy Knits for his first KAL for his Massallo Shawl. And we launched our Kids Finger Knit Kits, which were created by Vickie Howell, as a way to get children involved and interested in our craft.

Mad: Tosh

We experimented with Madelinetosh palette kits, new colorways, and showed off some of our favorite LYS’s!


Knitters much like squirrels are attracted to the shiny things in our lives that catch our eye! We created a collection called Sporks Out that was inspired by a recent Daniel Craig and Chris Evans movie.


We reintroduced TML + Tweed back to the Madelinetosh base family.

New Decade, New News!

We introduced our first Madelinetosh newsletter that outlined what the newly re-established Madelinetosh is. We introduced our Core 150 colorways and our Tosh Makes Good, which is our promise to support causes we believe in.