A cosmic palette, graphic stripes, & garter-stitch triangle edging deliver big bang impact. Pack this mini shawl for your next trip outside the comfort zone. Designed by Lena Skvagerson to use the color-curated Unicorn Tail mini skeins in your Outer Limits kit.


A Solar System, a Galaxy, & the Universe

If we mapped the universe with a way-finding arrow indicating “you are here” – here would be a miniscule speck in a vast expanse of light and dark.

That teensy speck is our jewel-like planet Earth. Our pretty planet circles a star – the Sun – as one of 8 planets, 5 recognized dwarf planets, at least 190 moons, 1.3+ million asteroids, and thousands of comets in our neighborhood Solar System. (Hiya, Jupiter! What’s up, Uranus?)

Our Solar System is part of the swirly Milky Way galaxy, which is one of billions in the Universe. That sky up there? It’s big, y’all.

So where are the Outer Limits of space? Beyond the Universe? Post Universe? In the minds of astrophysicists?

For now, look for the Outer Limits in your mailbox. Peek inside your package to see that we’ve defined the Outer Limits based on breathtaking images from space – so a dark palette sparked w/ light and camera magic – 6 colors, Swamp Thing, Snake, Daenerys, Labyrinth + the brand-new Phoenix Lights & Through the Wormhole – that made us think about the edges of space and what else might be out there.