If you’re going to wear a tinfoil hat, make it “fashun.”

Named for the cultural reference that a tinfoil hat protects against government surveillance & cosmic psychic attacks, Team Tosh member AnnMarie Baker, tasked with creating an “extraterrestrial hat”, created a darling beanie depicting little pink, um, men.

Think of them as stranded-knit guardians of your grey matter. And, the most adorable project you’re likely to complete this year.


Who’s Out There, Really?

While our first shipment of Unicorn Tail Club | Encounters looked at what's out there in the Outer Limits, this kit examines who’s there?

Human beings have looked at the night sky for millennia and wondered, surely in all that incalculable vastness, someone else exists? Once we started venturing into space, a science of space life evolved and continues to evolve, astrobiology.

What do we know? Not much, beyond the fact that there may be billions of planets not unlike Earth orbiting stars like our Sun – right in our Milky Way galaxy. Scientists also think there may be ocean planets – exoplanets in our own Solar System – which might harbor underground oceans. 

What about reports of alien abductions, contacts, and sightings of extraterrestrial beings? Though science dismisses these experiences as psychological phenomena. Probably. But what if some people are more sensitive to energies beyond our dimension? What if someone else is watching?

Anyway, here’s to the unknown, the unknowable, and if anyone else is out there…please can we approach each other kindly?

As for the extraterrestrials in your MAD Mail, you’ll find a bright palette that’s part little green man and part “we like color, too.” Your 6 mini skeins come in these stellar colors: Demodog, Dissertation, Betta, & Trip Wire (from our recipe archive) + 2 new, Beam Me Up & Don’t Space Out.