MT Studio Designers

We created MT Studio, our yarn support program, because we wanted to connect with independent knit and crochet designers from all backgrounds and motivations. We also want to share our delectable yarn with all people in the fiber community.


Erin hails from Tofino, British Columbia--a remote wild, and stormy village on the Pacific Coast. We asked Erin to tell us a little bit more about her relationship with knitting: "My mother first taught me to knit when I was a teenager, but I have always been involved in fine arts mainly as a pianist. Today I fit in as much knitting and design as I can to complement my day job as a psychotherapist and doctoral studies in neuropsychology." As for why she wanted to join MT Studio? Better to let her answer. "I am typically drawn to exploring colour theory through stranded work in knitting designs, which is one reason why I gravitate towards Madelinetosh yarns."

Soraya is from Madrid, Spain but is currently residing in Amsterdam. She first learned to knit as a teenager, took a hiatus in college and started knitting more regularly over a decade ago. "For two years, I have been working as a full-time designer. I teach some online knitting workshops and independently edit the pattern magazine in Spanish and English: Yedraknits, which is currently sold in different countries worldwide." She was drawn to MT Studio because she has always been inspired by our yarns. "Working with you is an honour for me as a junior designer."

Anne lives in the western part of France bearing the name of Brittany. She learned to knit from her Grandma. "I was fascinated at her multitasking ability while knitting. At some point, after me nagging, she gave me some of her stash of yarn , and the bug never left me. I think I was 10 year old ( I'm 49 now)." She wanted to become involved with MT Studio because of the color palette, the quality of yarn she says "it's just pure happiness on the needle."

Megan is a North Dakota Native who is currently living in Oklahoma. She was taught crochet by her great-grandma almost 20 years ago. She's been doing Tunisian crochet for 5 years and last year she learned how to knit. Megan says as for why she wanted to join MT Studio, "I make my own designs and sell them on Ravelry, and one of the teachers at a local yarn store sent me the link for MT Studio. I thought it was such a cool program, and was excited to try it out!"


1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Onyx & Paper.

*please note: Paper is currently out of stock, a great color substitution is Farmhouse White

I designed The Solidarity Cowl using black and white worsted weight yarn. This is a lightweight cowl that can be worn throughout most of the year. The ribbing on the top and bottom of the cowl is done in fisherman rib, with black at the forefront and white in the background, symbolizing that we as a society need to focus on the Black community with the white community being in the background supporting, listening, and doing. The black yarn representing the Black community and the white yarn symbolizing the white community showing up to support and "stand in the gap."

2 skeins Tosh DK in Thunderstorm.

Page says the Art Deco Cowl is pretty self explanatory. It’s inspired by 80's berets and Art Deco.

1 skein ASAP in Eleven Lite.

When I created this pattern for MT studios I worked in my favorite ways. I wondered what I might like to wear when I am out on a cold sunny morning for a surf or a walk. The Peche Bucket Hat I created is made in the ASAP merino wool base and I have created it in a stockinette stitch so it is nice and fitted, while still having that casual floppy brim. It is the quintessential California accessory! I used Eleven Brite for the final Peche Bucket Hat, but have experience with several other amazing colors of the ASAP yarn. It is one of my very very favorites.

3 skeins of TML in Jaded Dreams, Thunderstorm, Candlewick.

The Stacie Shawl was initially inspired by my first meeting of my friend Stacie, who was wearing a gorgeous entrelac shawl she’d knit. I’ve always associated that technique with her and wanted to expand on the idea. This shawl is inspired by entrelac but incorporates mosaic, slip sts, and lace into the design. Each section is worked separately but joined as you progress along.

3 skeins of TML + Tweed, 1 of Grapefruit and 2 of Wino Forever.

I recently taught myself brioche and as soon as I finished my first project, I wanted to design with it. Brioche a fun technique with an amazing result. The goal of this design was to create a pattern that was approachable by any knitter who loves or wants to try brioche.


3 skeins of Farm Twist in Silver Lining

1 skein each of Twist Light in Grapefruit and Pink Mist Smoke Tree

1 skein each of Pashmina in Lamplight and Dirty Panther

1 skein of Tosh Merino Light in Smokestack, 2 skeins of Impression in Smokestack


1 skein each of Euro Sock in Hosta Blue & Citrus.

1 skein each of Tosh DK in Birkenstick, Joshua Tree, Antique Lace.

1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Elizabeth Taylor & Eleven Lite.

1 skein of Euro Sock in Deep.


1 skein each of Tosh Sport in Dubrovnik and Translation.

3 skeins of Farm Twist in Mars Rover.

3 skeins of Tosh Merino Light in Copper Pink Solid.

1 skein of Tosh DK in Wolf


1 skein each of Tosh Merino Light in R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design, Glazed Pecan, and Black Sea

2 skeins each of Tosh Sock in Leaf Fall or Candlewick

1 skein of TML + Tweed in Joshua Tree, Dirty Panther, and Coquette-Deux

1 skein each of Tosh Sock in Star Scatter, Flashdance, and Moonglow