MT Studio Designers

We created MT Studio, our yarn support program, because we wanted to connect with independent knit and crochet designers from all backgrounds and motivations. We also want to share our delectable yarn with all people in the fiber community.


Tosh DK | Joshua Tree
Impression | Venti Dragon Mocha

Luuanne is from the Bay Area in California and has been knitting for close to 5 years. The design she submitted to MT Studio is a fuzzy bucket hat, which is something Luuanne says she's always wanted to incorporate into her own wardrobe. Luuanne's design can be easily modified to fit your own tastes.

Thunderstorm, Iris, Spectrum

Spirit is a Portland, Oregon native who now lives in Scotland, in fact, she told us in her interview she can see the Edinburgh Castle from her window! Spirit has been designing for seven years. For the design she created for MT Studio, lace was the inspiration and she designed everything in this piece around it. In her words, "It's unusual and beautiful. It's thick, almost as thick as garter stitch, and it shows variegated and tonal yarn amazingly well. That is incredibly unusual in a lace. As soon as I found a way to make it a two row repeat I knew I had an easy tv knit that was going to be squishy and warm and a perfect way to use those lovely single skeins that everyone picks up and doesn't know what to do with"

Tosh Sock | Candlewick

Carson is from Washington state and has been knitting for 20 years. For her MT Studio design, lace was the driving inspo. She says, "I loved the fluidity of the lace and the interesting structure of the pattern repeat." She loves to design things for all levels of knitters and considers MadTosh yarn her 'desert island' yarn.

Tosh Merino Light | Undergrowth

Sönna hails from Fairbanks Alaska and just recently moved to Bellingham, Washington. Her design was inspired by the nostalgia of watching boats in the Bellingham and Chuckanut Bays as she knits on the beach. Sönna says, "Tiny boats ride waves along the edges of this bottom up triangle shawl as twisted stitches mimic the gentle rain we in the Pacific North West know so well. My favorite part of this shawl (other than the aFRICKINdorable sailboats)? Because it is a bottom up design, each row gets shorter and shorter so that as we near the end it goes by so fast! I know its the same number of stitches either way, but I swear its faster to knit bottom up!"


1 skein each Penumbra, Star Scatter (Solid), and Oscuro in Farm Twist

2 Unicorn Tails each in Blood Runs Cold and Jade. 1 skein TML in Antique Lace.

1 skein Glazed Pecan in Euro Sock

1 skein each Gracenotes and Grapefruit in TML


2 skeins Saffron in TML

1 skein each in Thunderstorm, Cotton Candy Daydreams, and Eleven Lite in Farm Twist

1 skein Pelican in Tosh Vintage

1 skein of Grapefruit and 2 skeins of Push Pop in Tosh DK alt sample in Antler and Elizabeth Taylor.


3 skeins of Jade in Tosh DK.

3 skeins of Tart in Pashmina.

1 skein of Modern Fair Isle in DK Twist but we suggest Tosh DK as a substitute.

1 skein each of Farmhouse White + Calligraphy in TML.


2 skeins of Lamplight, 1 skein Edison Bulb, 2 skeins Matcha, and 1 skein of The Upside Down in Twist Light

2 skeins Dried But Not Forgotten in TML + Glitter and 1 skein in Joshua Tree in Impression

2 skeins of Silver Fox and 1 skein of Copper Pink Solid in TML

1 Unicorn Tail each of Carolina Reaper, Push Pop, Candlewick, Seaglass, Hosta Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Fluoro Rose.
1 skein Holi Festival in TML + Glitter


1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Onyx & Paper.

2 skeins Tosh DK in Thunderstorm.

1 skein ASAP in Eleven Lite.

3 skeins of TML in Jaded Dreams, Thunderstorm, Candlewick.

3 skeins of TML + Tweed, 1 of Grapefruit and 2 of Wino Forever.


3 skeins of Farm Twist in Silver Lining

1 skein each of Twist Light in Grapefruit and Pink Mist Smoke Tree

1 skein each of Pashmina in Lamplight and Dirty Panther

1 skein of Tosh Merino Light in Smokestack, 2 skeins of Impression in Smokestack


1 skein each of Euro Sock in Hosta Blue & Citrus.

1 skein each of Tosh DK in Birkenstick, Joshua Tree, Antique Lace.

1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Elizabeth Taylor & Eleven Lite.

1 skein of Euro Sock in Deep.


1 skein each of Tosh Sport in Dubrovnik and Translation.

3 skeins of Farm Twist in Mars Rover.

3 skeins of Tosh Merino Light in Copper Pink Solid.

1 skein of Tosh DK in Wolf


1 skein each of Tosh Merino Light in R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design, Glazed Pecan, and Black Sea

2 skeins each of Tosh Sock in Leaf Fall or Candlewick

1 skein of TML + Tweed in Joshua Tree, Dirty Panther, and Coquette-Deux

1 skein each of Tosh Sock in Star Scatter, Flashdance, and Moonglow