MT Studio Designers

We created MT Studio, our yarn support program, because we wanted to connect with independent knit and crochet designers from all backgrounds and motivations. We also want to share our delectable yarn with all people in the fiber community.


Say hello to Roxanne from Quebec, Canada. Roxanne says her design, Patio Season Scarf, was inspired by what she imagines to be the perfect backyard scene. "You might be hanging out with friends or family around a patio table, or perhaps you’re sitting alone while quietly enjoying the warmer temperatures and overlooking your garden. There is a beautiful trellis with leaves woven throughout and garden lights hanging along it. The Patio Season scarf mimics the garden trellis with the leaves and lights. It is light and is easily customizable to suit the individual crocheter and can be used as an elegant layering piece for those nights with a chill in the air." We think we can all agree when we say we would LOVE to be spending time on the patio with friends and family. This design takes 3 skeins of Jade in Tosh DK.

Please meet Peg. She’s lived all over the U.S. but now calls Ohio home. Peg says she designed the Slate of Eight Shawl because she wanted to try her hand at designing a triangular shawl with all over lace. "I was looking for a left-brain challenge...shawls are such a versatile accessory and a lovely way to design something that looks great and fits everyone. I used a stitch dictionary (Barbara G. Walker) to find the initial pattern but then created the mirror image motif and figured out all the increases and charting to make it work. I learned a ton." Slate of Eight is made up using 3 skeins of Tart in Pashmina.

We’re going down under to give a big hey to Emily from New South Wales, Australia. Emily designed Bronte the Bunny Rabbit (and Bronte is the first amigurumi we've featured on MT Studio, in fact!) She says "I’d been wanting to design a bunny for quite a while now, it was just a matter of finding the right yarn that I had in mind for my design. I absolutely love speckled yarn and the Modern Fair Isle colour way was the perfect choice for my bunny. I’m so happy with how it turned out, it was just the right amount of speckles." This cutie only needs 1 skein of Modern Fair Isle in DK Twist but we suggest Tosh DK as a substitute.

We’re going North to hang with Katrine who is all the way from Oslo, Norway. Katrine says she's been using Madelinetosh for projects for quite a while and loves Tosh Merino Light for the softness and unique color choices. Her design, is called the Dvale Beanie. She says "'Dvale' means Hibernation in Norwegian, and as a summer person living in Northern Europe, I would love to hibernate during winter! The design is knitted in stockinette, with a wide band of herringbone knit, an idea that has been in my head for a very long time, and one that I would love to create a full series with, including socks, mittens, shawl or a cowl, and possible even a sweater with time. I particularly love the combination of several techniques and textures concentrated on a part of the garment, surrounded by the simplicity of the stockinette stitch in the gorgeous hand dyed colorway. Dvale beanie is designed for women who enjoy knitted garments with feminine details." Her designs needs 1 skein each of Farmhouse White + Calligraphy in TML.


2 skeins of Lamplight, 1 skein Edison Bulb, 2 skeins Matcha, and 1 skein of The Upside Down in Twist Light

2 skeins Dried But Not Forgotten in TML + Glitter and 1 skein in Joshua Tree in Impression

2 skeins of Silver Fox and 1 skein of Copper Pink Solid in TML

1 Unicorn Tail each of Carolina Reaper, Push Pop, Candlewick, Seaglass, Hosta Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Fluoro Rose.
1 skein Holi Festival in TML + Glitter


1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Onyx & Paper.

2 skeins Tosh DK in Thunderstorm.

1 skein ASAP in Eleven Lite.

3 skeins of TML in Jaded Dreams, Thunderstorm, Candlewick.

3 skeins of TML + Tweed, 1 of Grapefruit and 2 of Wino Forever.


3 skeins of Farm Twist in Silver Lining

1 skein each of Twist Light in Grapefruit and Pink Mist Smoke Tree

1 skein each of Pashmina in Lamplight and Dirty Panther

1 skein of Tosh Merino Light in Smokestack, 2 skeins of Impression in Smokestack


1 skein each of Euro Sock in Hosta Blue & Citrus.

1 skein each of Tosh DK in Birkenstick, Joshua Tree, Antique Lace.

1 skein each of Tosh Vintage in Elizabeth Taylor & Eleven Lite.

1 skein of Euro Sock in Deep.


1 skein each of Tosh Sport in Dubrovnik and Translation.

3 skeins of Farm Twist in Mars Rover.

3 skeins of Tosh Merino Light in Copper Pink Solid.

1 skein of Tosh DK in Wolf


1 skein each of Tosh Merino Light in R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design, Glazed Pecan, and Black Sea

2 skeins each of Tosh Sock in Leaf Fall or Candlewick

1 skein of TML + Tweed in Joshua Tree, Dirty Panther, and Coquette-Deux

1 skein each of Tosh Sock in Star Scatter, Flashdance, and Moonglow