Hello, Tosh Wool + Cotton

Madelinetosh has a new base, Tosh Wool + Cotton. This new fiber is a DK weight base made up of a blend of 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Pima Cotton. Tosh Wool + Cotton is available on 55 stunning shades. This yarn dyes differently than any other base in our collection - the superwash Merino wool picks up the dye while the Pima cotton stays white, creating a beautifully soft melange.

We’ve teamed up with Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts, Chantal of Knitatude, Susanna IC, Salena Baca, and 10 Hours or Less to create some fresh patterns for y’all. We chose a range of designers and project types to show off the versatitilty of the yarn. We wanted an eclectic group - some lace, some more fitted, some more slouchy. Since we are launching in spring, wanted the pieces to feel more summery but be able to transition seasons.

Meet The Designers

Toni Lipsey is a prolific crochet designer from Ohio. She first learned to crochet from her mom when she was a teen and picked it back up a little over 11 years ago, she then turned her passion into a business in 2013. Toni designed the Frankie Bucket hat for the Tosh Wool + Cotton collection. She says, “I really wanted to put a sophisticated stamp on the bucket hat trend. My hat looks quite simple to the untrained eye, but subtle details elevate it from being just another crochet bucket hat.”

Chantal of Knitatude is an Alberta, Canada based designer who has been knitting since 2013 and a designer since 2016. Because Chantal lives in Alberta and a majority of her year is filled with snow, the design she created for this collection is all about springtime. “I wanted to create a top that was wearable, but really welcomed the warmer temps and paid homage to plants,” she says. Chantal loves to create mindless knits so she incorporates intuitive patterns in her designs. She says she also detest seaming so she likes to make her pieces in the round and use the three-needle bind off, which in her words, “it’s a game changer!”

Susanna IC is a self-proclaimed nomad who currently lives in Maryland but is originally from Europe, having lived in two European countries and 7 US states. She was taught by her grandmother how to crochet when she was five. Susanna says when she tried to learn knitting from her left-handed grandmother it didn't stick. But when she wanted to make a cabled sweater for her baby, she picked up the art of knitting pretty quickly. The design Susanna created for this collection is inspired by water lilies. In her words, "I designed the pretty botanical lace for the yoke based on their flowers. Interestingly, this is also where this pullover got its name: Nouchali is a species of a lotus plant known for its spectacular blue flowers.”

Salena is a bit of a nomad, in her own words. She was born in Hawaii, lived in Georgia, Okinawa, England, and New Mexico. She resides in Oregon, for now! Salena learned to crochet at the age of 5 and it’s been a passion ever since. Salena has two designs in this collection, the Trinity Tote DK and Low Tide Shrug DK. She says the yarn always tells her what it wants to be and she tries to listen. For these designs she says, “The fiber blend makes a soft, sturdy fabric which worked really nicely for the Trinity Tote! And the tight ply of the yarn, and stonewashed look of the colors, were a perfect match for the openwork fabric for the Low Tide Shrug.”

George Shaheen of 10 hours or Less is a knitwear designer based in Central Florida and has been knitting and crocheting since the age of 12 (over 40 years!). He says when he’s not knitting, he enjoys hiking the great trails of Florida. In fact, the “Knitted Netting” Hat and Fingerless Gloves from the collection were inspired by “the myriad of fishing nets I’ve seen cast from Florida piers.” This design also showcases a variation of Bamboo Lace, which is a vertical mesh variant composed of standard & twisted stitches.

Are you knitting with Tosh Wool + Cotton? We love to see what you’re working on.

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