Welcome to our video page. Below you'll find helpful videos that give some insight on some of the kits you'll find on our site. Enjoy!

Tosh Wool + Cotton Collection Party

Team Tosh chats with Tosh Wool + Cotton Collection designers, Toni Lipsey - TLC Crafts, Salena Baca, Susanna IC, Chantal Miyagishima- Knitatude, and George Shaheen - 10 Hours or Less. Recorded on May 13th, 2021.

Learn How To Make A Scrunchie With Our Friend Tamara Kelly

Tamara Kelly has created some short and sweet videos on how to make the knit and crochet scrunchies. These are a part of the Secret Scrunchie kits, which are a great gift option for those of your friends (or yourself!) looking to learn how to knit or crochet

How To Choose Which Triple Twist Hues Are For You With Brooklyn Boy Knits

We’re MAD for Louis Boria’s latest creationsーthe Lonka Accessories line. Only needing four skeins of our newest fave base, TML Triple Twist, this fair isle matching trio consists of a hat, reversible cowl, and fingerless mitts. Perhaps the hardest thing is choosing which four colors you want. But Louis has got you covered, he’s created a handy video detailing how to pick the colors you want to show off. Patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry and